All Business Sensor Products

Biometric Attendance With Integrated Payroll - A Biometric Attendance solution that if integrated with Payroll and HR system. Eliminate employee time theft without stress
Complete Accounting System - Contains all the modules of accounting including Multi-Store inventory management, Asset management system, Accounting reports, Invoicing, Expenditures, Purchases, etc
DATABASE REPLICATOR - Database Cloud system, enables management of Multiple stations into a single database without the need of heavy internet bandwidth nor VPN. Just use any available internet connection and you are good to go
DISTRIBUTION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - Multi-Store based inventory system, Unlimited units of measure setup per inventory item, Works with cloud database for stress free integration of multiple stations WITHOUT using VPN
EXAMS AND RECORDS - Makes Exams and Record management as easy as ever. Has a windows based module that connects with a cloud account. The web portal can complete student self management
HAULAGE - Fleet management system built on an Accounting ERP. Manages Asset account, Vehicle Fuel Ledger and usage management, Routine maintenance schedules and expenses, Spareparts inventory management.
Hotel Reservation with keycard plus Complete Accounting - Hotel management ERP fully integrated with complete Accounting and Inventory Management system is a robust business solution for managing every hotel business process. With this solution, you can manage your room bookings and your complete accounting system all in one package. Unlike other hotel solutions, you don't need a separate accounting software. It includes multi-store inventory management and key card-lock management
Human Resources Management and Payroll - An Human resource solution with Payroll system with fantastic features. It can be fully integrated with our Accounting System
MANUFACTURING ACCOUNT SYSTEM - Just build your production Templates and Business sensor would manage your cost of production automatically. Transfer finished goods to any store on the fly
Medical Enterprice Resource Planing System - Integrates the Accounting processes in hospitals. Handles Patient recored and Ledgers, Suppliers, Pharmacy Inventory management, Medical test services, Invoicing, Receipts etc
QUICK GRADE - Manage school pupils accounting , defaulters and results without stress. Auto generates bulk invoices for students in categories