Biometric Attendance With Integrated Payroll

A Biometric Attendance solution that is integrated with Payroll and HR system. Eliminate employee time theft without stress, From Bio-Attendance machine straight into the payroll database. Eliminate Payroll accountant's fraud by 100%

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  • Employee shift setup
  • Control of overtime verus standard time hours worked
  • Attendance and overtime surcharge report for the affected employees
  • Set maximum hour allowed per day and period
  • Pay roll calculator
  • Access level control
  • Role based security
  • Filtered report
  • Cumlative filtered pay roll report
  • Pay summary by department
  • Record daily work status
  • Step Listing
  • Payment package
  • Display the daily work status hours and over time on the employee payslip
  • Departmental work force
  • Payslip with picture report
  • Attendance and out time surcharge report
  • Partial pay summary
  • Complete pay summary
  • Pay days setup
  • Database integrity check
  • Excemption report
  • Manage monthly lateness absentism and overtime
  • Attendance import wizard
  • CAD attendance management software
  • Connect to existing data
  • Overtime report
  • External bio attendance machine database
  • Pay item setup and listing
  • Manage attendance examption
  • Attendance log
  • Manage data import from bio machine
  • Record the employee work status per day
  • E-payment listing
  • Overtime report
  • Cross tab into Excel
  • Control of overtime notification per day, week and month
  • Import employee payment scale from excel
  • Grade level setup
  • Control of overtime hours against daily work status
  • Pay by bank schedule
  • Cross tabs report
  • Restore database
  • Backup database
  • Manage shift monthly hours