Just build your production Templates and Business sensor would manage your cost of production automatically. Transfer finished goods to any store on the fly

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  • Easily select items for sale with keyboard short cut
  • Works with any other printer to generate normal size invoice and receipt
  • User profile/login access
  • Generate creditor account automatically (Vendor Ledger)
  • Run database check
  • Sell all forms of items (Inventory, Non-inventory, service, tax, fees, grouped items, etc)
  • Consume inventories to create other inventories
  • Payment voucher
  • Items are presented in icon form for easy selection
  • Procurement
  • Auto generate balance sheet at any time
  • Reconstruct ledger
  • Makes it possible to correct past transactions
  • Bill payment
  • Comprehensive Inventory report per department (departmental inventory)
  • Generate debtors account automatically (Customer Ledger)
  • Manages Stock transfer and acceptance accross department
  • Auto generate printable chart of account from various transactions
  • Handle purchases of items
  • Departmental Inventory
  • Role based security
  • Raw material (food stuff, etc) and finished goods (food) management system
  • Auto generate profit and loss Account at any time
  • Cost determinant system
  • Backup database
  • Tracing transaction security
  • Inventory delivery system for transaction carried out on behalf of other departments
  • Tracing transactions to original point
  • Sales Report
  • Expenses record
  • Restore database
  • Ledgers are double sided (Debit side and Credit side)
  • This will require a new code to connect the software with the cash machine, after you give us every information about the machine's documentation
  • Auto deduct inventory on sales and auto update cash account
  • Inventory reimbursement system
  • Production cost hand,ing system