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About Us

Welcome to Cad Consulting Limited. Where Impossibility means nothing. 

We love it when we can provide our customers with the solutions needed for their businesses to grow. That is why we have the best and most creative minds on hand to design and build exactly what you want.

Research and Development is the heart of our business. Our number one priority is to deliver best quality, rich and flexible business solutions that give you options to manage your business effectively and efficiently.

Commitment to Innovation. Technology never stands still and neither do we. From the very first product we released, to our newest product, our goal has been to innovate at every turn and to be abreast with technological changes.

Professional Apps

If you need a professional application created to help you save money or to increase your revenue, let our expert business technologists help you. We are not just geeks, we also understand business processes. We have developed over 100 applications for our customers since 2001. We deliver line-of-business solutions that help each of our customers run their mission-critical solutions every day. Let us help you too.

Online Presence

Having an online presence for your business is absolutely essential in today’s global economy. We develop great business applications such as websites to help our clients reach out to global market thereby increasing their customers as well as their revenues.

Desktop Apps

A desktop application can take advantage of all a PC has to offer. Let CAD Consulting help you create a desktop application that really sizzles!


Email: info@cadconsultingltd.com