icon Hotel Reservation ERP with Inventory, Accounting and KeyCard Lock Integration

Hotel management ERP fully integrated with complete Accounting and Inventory Management system is a robust business solution for managing every hotel business process. With this solution, you can manage your room bookings and your complete accounting system all in one package. Unlike other hotel solutions, you don't need a separate accounting software. It includes multi-store inventory management and key card-lock management

Available Versions

  • icon Standard
    Reservation booking, house keeping, room check in, point of sales, invoicing and receipts, room availability management
    has all the room management features, just the same with every common room management software around. No full accounting management, no inventory management, no vendor/supplier management and so the accounting report is not complete
  • icon Silver
    All features in the Standard version, plus integrated multi-store inventory management and Complete accounting
    contains all the features of Standard version plus standard accounting features, which means full fledge multi-store inventory control, suppler account management, purchases, expenditure, inventory transfer from department to department and all the accounting books
  • icon Gold
    All features in the Standard and Silver version, plus Key-card Mgt, Kitchen template based food production, asset Mgt. and Payroll
    Contains every feature in sliver version plus key card integration depending on the features you have, sales and expenditure per room, template based kitchen production management and asset management

icon Features at a glance